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Changes in the Accommodation and Santulan Treatment Booking:

If the Accommodation and Santulan Treatment Booking is altered or cancelled, for whatever reason, 31 days or more before the confirmed date, 80% of the advance booking payment is refunded. If notification of the changes is received less than 31 days in advance, the following conditions apply:
30 days to 17 days in advance - 40% of the advance payment is refunded.
16 days to 5 days in advance - 10% of the advance payment is refunded.
4 days or less in advance - no refund.

Any refund for payments done by cash or credit card can only be returned in rupees. For payments received through Ayu-Kontakte the refund is made by Ayu-Kontakte after deducting an additional €11.- repayment fee following confirmation from Atmasantulana Village.

The date of arrival may be postponed for 1-2 days by informing the Centre in advance and receiving confirmation of the revised date. The period of delay will be charged at 70% of the single day rate.

If the period of the booking is shortened after arrival, notice of at least 15 days is required. The refund for the period of cancellation will be 30% of the single day rate for the room charges and € 4.- for the therapy charges. If the period of the booking is shortened with less than 15 days notice, no refund will be given for the cancelled period.

If the individual fails to arrive on the first day of the confirmed booking without informing the Centre in advance, the booking will be held open for 3 days. However, full charges apply from the first day of the confirmed booking date.

Please note:

Treatment may be refused to any individual, for whatever reason, either before or during the treatment. If the treatment is discontinued, the charges will be calculated according to the above mentioned rules regarding changes in the treatment booking.

Any changes in bookings are confirmed only on receipt of notification. Atmasantulana Village accepts no responsibility for letters, faxes or e-mails, which do not arrive on time.

All bookings are non-transferable and applicable to the named person only.

All disputes are subject to Pune jurisdiction.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates on the day of arrival are applicable, irrespective of rates at the time of advance booking.
w.e.f. 1.09.06