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Our Ayurvedic cuisine is probably the best in the world. The recipes are planned to be satisfying for the body and also affect mental and spiritual well-being. Every meal is holistic and composed of all the important flavours required by the system. It has been devised to create the best possible foundation for good digestion, increase life energy and provide stability to your health. Acidosis is to be avoided at all costs, especially during the Santulan Panchakarma, and the menu has been planned accordingly. The food is completely vegetarian, easy to digest, based on Ayurveda and is compatible with the various therapies but does not lead to fasting. Regardless of their normal diet visitors and patients are immediately converted to our tasty and versatile vegetarian cuisine.

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Some of the fresh food includes our home grown organic vegetables, grains and fruits grown without the use of added chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilisers. As natural, fresh milk is essential to good health native ancient breeds of cows (A2 milk) are reared which provide the majority of the daily milk requirements for the village.