Dr Shriguru Balaji Tambe

With a heavy heart we regret to inform you that
Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe has merged into Aumkar
on 10 August 2021.

सर्वस्य चाहं हृदि सन्निविष्टो
मत्त: स्मृतिर्ज्ञानमपोहनं च |
वेदैश्च सर्वैरहमेव वेद्यो
वेदान्तकृद्वेदविदेव चाहम् ||15||

sarvasya chāhaṁ hṛidi sanniviṣhṭo
mattaḥ smṛitir jñānam apohanaṁ cha
vedaiśh cha sarvair aham eva vedyo
vedānta-kṛid veda-vid eva chāham

"I am seated in the hearts of all living beings,
and from Me come memory, knowledge, as well as forgetfulness.
I alone am to be known by all the Vedas,
am the author of the Vedānt, and the knower of the meaning of the Vedas."

(Bhagavad-Gita Ch. 15, 15)

As per his teachings, we will look forward to a future where we endeavour to create a better world in alignment with his vision.

Santulan and Tambe Family

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Dr. Shriguru Balaji Tambe was the founder and source of inspiration for all the activities carried out at Atmasantulana Village. He had achieved worldwide acclaim in India and abroad as an Ayurvedic doctor, particularly for the treatment of diseases such as heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic ailments. He had received many awards in recognition of his work and had served as a member of the Pharmacopoeia Committee with the Government of India.

In addition to practicing and spreading Ayurveda, Dr. Shriguru Balaji Tambe had evolved a complete and holistic system of healing that is beyond just medicines. He was known to have a "healing touch" and was able to evoke the holistic healing process in his patients.

The curative powers of chanting specific mantras composed in the appropriate musical raga are an important part of Shriguru Balaji's approach. He regularly was conducting healing music concerts and had composed and produced several albums of healing music. He had researched the ancient chants recommended for healing and development and uses them to target specific health problems effectively.

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Shriguru Balaji had given "diksha" (spiritual initiation) into "Santulan Om Meditation" or SOM Yoga to many people. This seven-fold technique includes as its most important features Om chanting, social service and group meditation and is effective for healing at all levels – body, mind and soul.