Aum Altar 450x450

The highest aim in life is the experience of peace and harmony in body, mind and soul.
To achieve this, meditation is an essential practice. For thousands of years, Indian sciences and life practices have involved music and specific sound mantras that lead to various effects in the individual. The Santulan Panchakarma uses these techniques to achieve deep mental relaxation and healing.

In ancient Indian music therapy, the human voice plays an important role. The text is mostly in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is seen as the source of all languages. Many Sanskrit mantras have direct effect on different brain areas to stimulate them for specific tasks, or to bring them into balance. This means that one has only to listen to the text, or sing if one is able, to receive the effect. It is not important to understand the meanings. The daily meditations take place in our “Aumkar Temple”.

There is a single sound, AUM (OM), that has the capability to vibrate all 34 vertebrae at the same time, and brings the effect of intense relaxation. Singing or listening to AUM everyday during meditation is the core of the therapy.