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The traditional Santulan Panchakarma is an intensive, residential cleansing and rejuvenation program devised to free the body of long lasting deposits and accumulated toxic substances. This deep cleaning of the tissues of the body becomes the foundation for further treatment, whether they are small ailments or more serious or chronic diseases. The Santulan Panchakarma also strengthens the overall immunity systems and recharges the body's energy and nutrition channels.

The Santulan Panchakarma includes:

  • Ayurvedic therapies
  • A satvic vegetarian Ayurvedic diet
  • Yoga, meditation and music therapy
  • Lectures on Ayurveda and the art of Living

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The Santulan Panchakarma's main component consists of a deep internal and external lubrication with proprietary oil massages and supervised and controlled consumption of medicated ghee (clarified cow's milk butter) to ensure that internal toxins and fat-soluble waste products are purged out of the body. The Panchakarma ghee drinking process helps release waste deposits at the cellular level so that they can be expelled.

The body is prepared with steams and massages, which help to soften and mobilise internal channels for the ghee to take effect in an optimum fashion. The steam baths and massages continue during treatment to ensure the body moves the toxins to the intestines.

The next important phase in Panchakarma is purging the accumulated toxins, induced by ingesting a herbal decoction in a process called Virechan. The induced excretion leads to several bowel motions through the day but the patient does not experience loss of energy, while the entire system has been purged through a complete holistic cleansing process.

Treatments thereafter are various kinds of Basti. They consist of medicinal oils or ghee being administered to various important organs or areas of the body depending on the individual patient's need. E.g. nose or eye bastis and most importantly the enema bastis for various indivudal constitutions leading to intestinal bioremediation. Some relaxing treatments like facial and foot treatments round up the program. This is the basic 15 day Santulan Panchakarma Treatment.

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Further treatment and extensions are recommended on a case by case basis by the Ayurvedic doctor. There are specific treatments for heart, brain, nerves, ears, bones, joints, skin and abdomen. For these expanded programmes can be booked as 22 or 30 day Santulan Panchakarma. Please note: special intensive and costly therapies which are not included in the standard package, may be suggested by the doctor, they will be charged at an additional fee.

For the optimum Santulan Panchakarma experience one should plan for a total stay of 5 weeks. A few days are recommended for acclimatization followed by the complete 30 day Santulan Panchakarma. You may need to stay a few days after the treatment ends to adjust to normal food intake again. For those not suffering from serious disease, the 15 or 22 day program is adequate. For those who cannot make the time, a compressed Santulan Panchakarma for 10 days is possible, but only after consultation with our doctors.

Number of treatments:
     With 10 days: 12 therapies
     15 days: 18 therapies
     22 days: 25 therapies
     30 days: 32 therapies

Our general motto for therapies is “Quality before Quantity”. Some of the treatments have a very deep effect and need properly planned resting phases.

Please note:

  • Our centre does not have facilities for emergency medical treatment. If your sickness is such that emergency treatment may be necessary, the nearest hospitals are in Lonavla (8 km), Pune (50 km) or Mumbai (150 km).
  • The type of therapy and treatment to be given for serious diseases can only be decided after you have been checked here, in Atmasantulana Village, by our doctors and therapy staff.
  • There is no nursing service available. If you require nursing, please bring an attendant who can see to your personal needs.
  • In Atmasantulana Village we are observing certain practices during menstruation as part of a natural Ayurvedic lifestyle. This also includes, that women cannot be given treatment during the first 3 to 4 days of their period. This should be taken into consideration while planning the length of stay, since the Panchakarma course will be extended by 3 days (A detailed brochure is available on request).