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  • For visiting India you must have a visa! A tourist visa is sufficient for a stay of maximum 6 months and e-visas allow a stay of 4 weeks. These periods vary by issuing embassy and country and may be longer or shorter. Please check with your local Indian representation.
    Online visa form:
  • Check-in is at 11.00 a.m. and check -out is at 9.00 a.m.
  • Atmasantulana Village has a weekly holiday on Thursdays (except our daily meditations, there are no other activities).
  • Atmasantulana Village is happy to assist you in obtaining an Indian sim card, if required. If you need to be contacted in case of an emergency a phone message can be left with the office.
  • Electricity supply can be erratic. A generator provides the minimal requirements - such as street and room lighting, but some electrical devices cannot be used during periods of generator operation such as A/Cs, water heaters, etc.
  • We are afraid, but up to now we do not have any facility to treat psychiatric patients.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted in Atmasantulana Village.

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  • If you wish to visit more places in India, we advice to do this before you come for treatment to Atmasantulana Village. Directly after a Panchakarma therapy one is rather sensitive towards impressions from outside and compromises in food intake.
  • Vaccinations are not compulsory at present.


Tips for your Travel Bag
Our guests usually wear common comfortable light clothes. Since we use lot of oil for the treatments we recommend you bring also some old t-shirt and underwear and other items for this purpose. Other items like slippers for indoors, torch, tissues are useful during the stay.

Hot Season (approx 28-40 C)
March to early June, also October
The climate is hot. Light clothes, sandals and hat are recommended.

Rainy season (approx 23-28 C)
Mid June to September
You will need to bring good protection against the rain. A long raincoat / large umbrella, a light cardigan, light rubber sandals and clothes that dry easily such as synthetic or thin cotton material are advisable.

Cold season (approx 15-25 C)
November to February
During the day it is pleasantly warm, at night it becomes cold. Bring a sweater, cardigan, socks, warm slippers for wearing indoors, and warm Yoga outfit.

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We provide for our Guests

The following items will be provided in the Village:
Fixed mosquito nets on windows and balcony doors, bed sheets and pillow cases, bed sheets for massage, blankets, small and large towels, water kettle, thermos flask, hot-water bottle, common Yoga mats and meditation assans.